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Scalable 24/7 Support

Scalable solutions are the need of the hour for businesses. As companies grow, internal solutions need to grow with them and we are alwasys available to deliver whenever it's required.

Omnichannel Services

Omnichannel services means seamlessly meeting customers and customers want to contact you when they want and how they want and thast's why we made it as easy as possible for people.

Complete Control

Outsourcing is a relationship that work on mutual understanding and in Xcentasia we think know days the biggest outsourcing risks is loss of control and which we try to resolve so never affraid of it.

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Delivering services and solutions.

Front office support

Xcentasia takes on the responsibility of interacting with the clients of the company be it existing or new as well as we will also handles the tasks of sales and marketing services along with providing after-sales services.We are an inbound-outbound call center that specializes in business-to-business telemarketing and call center outsourcing engagements. We target to be a leading IT enabled services company, soon. Our BPO expertise ranges from Inbound Customer Care services, Inbound Telemarketing, E-care and Internet order processing to Outbound telemarketing, which includes Telemarketing lead generations, Product sales, Market Research, Appointment handling and much more.

Back office support

We are almost associated with all type of businesses where it comes in form of non-core activities and firms often invest their time efforts to tackle them. The strategy is to outsource it to those, who have specified skill sets. Here Xcentasia could be a best option. Being an outsourcing vendor our team is habitual to back office services.

IT Solutions

Many organizations around the world have reduced costs, improved service delivery and enabled innovation and growth by engaging with Xcenasia. We know increasing business complexities, changing regulations, and evolving disruptive technologies, organizations need to be able to drive innovation to retain and sharpen their competitive edge.

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